Why Silverstone Green Energy

We offer a UK wide, Health and Safety conscious, cost effective solution to Owners, Asset Managers and EPCs. Whatever the problem, we provide a complete, quality solution, allowing you to rest assured that your solar farm is in safe hands. We deliver rapid response times, to ensure that your plant is returned to peak productivity without delay.

Our team is approachable and friendly, as well as being experienced and dedicated, so you can be sure that you will always be fully informed at all times. We pride ourselves on our safe, helpful and trustworthy working practices, throughout the company. We look forward to discussing with you how we can help you and your solar farm.

Partnerships with leading EPCs

Silverstone partner with leading EPCs to deliver O&M services during the EPC warranty period. This means that quality EPCs with minimal UK presence can deliver the high quality O&M service required during the warranty period.

The flexibility of services that Silverstone offer means that EPCs can buy the ‘boots on the ground’ that they require while retaining the elements that they can deliver best themselves.

With Silverstone as O&M partners, EPCs can access a flexible and intelligent workforce as well as a UK network of sub-contractors to deliver when it really matters.

Manufacturer Partnerships

New equipment often fails early in its life, while it is still under warranty. It is essential that the diagnosis and repair is done correctly in order that a warranty claim, where necessary, is valid.

Silverstone work across a wide range of plant design methodologies and plant equipment, and are partnered with inverter, module and transformer manufacturers for the purpose of the fault diagnosis and resolution under warranty.

You can rest assured that where manufacturing defects cause failure Silverstone can ensure that the cost is recovered, where appropriate.

Response times

Silverstone have a large team of electrical engineers, SAPs, groundspeople, labourers and partners across the UK who can deliver safe and expert services quickly in any location.

Response times to whole plant failures are obviously faster than those for minor matters and our control room carefully schedule the right people for the right job on an hour by hour basis.


Each project is unique and sometimes maintenance tasks, such as grass or hedge cutting, are promised, for example, to the landowner. Silverstone services can be tailored to suit the individual needs or budget of the plant, working with landowners and other parties as required.

Silverstone can deliver any part of their comprehensive service, in isolation, or within a package, to ensure that only the services required are delivered. From ad-hoc callouts to resolving tricky problems we can undertake reactive and preventative maintenance without difficulty.

By openly discussing risk we can agree the cost likelihood and therefore value of different risk elements in order to produce an appropriate contract and price.

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