Optimisation of existing assets

Often, intelligent changes to small matters following construction can improve the productivity of a plant. By reducing parasitic losses or improving inverter start times, we can improve productivity, and with the proactive management of other electrical apparatus, we can reduce down time due to failure. The experience that Silverstone have, over a wide range of plants, designs and apparatus mean that good ideas and knowledge of modes of failure can be transferred from one plant to another to improve productivity

Performance and Availability Guarantees

Depending upon the structure of contracts between parties it can be important that performance and availability are guaranteed. Silverstone are happy to enter into performance and availability guarantees as required.

Monitoring and Reporting

In order to manage a portfolio, an asset manager needs to be certain that each individual solar farm is performing at its peak operating capacity at all times by proactive monitoring. The Silverstone Control Room can monitor plants during daylight hours, investigating anomalies and raising job tickets as required. With performance reviews, as well as detailed reporting, our monitoring function ensures that plants under our stewardship are kept in peak operating condition. Rest assured that a one page summary report can be drilled down to the finest detail if required. Our Control Room manages job tickets, allocates resources, and communicates with stake holders to ensure that interruptions are kept to a minimum, faults are cleared quickly and stake holders are fully informed. Our Control Room also manages warranty claims with manufacturers and sub contractors, coordinating the management of spare parts, as well as providing recommendations to further enhance performance and availability.

Groundcare and outstanding planning issues

The Silverstone groundcare team have machinery and experience to keep each plant in peak operating condition, whilst enhancing wildlife habitats, operational conditions and satisfying other stake holders. Some plants have onerous management plans agreed during planning, which need to be followed. Silverstone have the experience to implement pragmatic solutions that meet planning requirements, adapting our schedules to minimise any additional burden. Where necessary, Silverstone can liaise directly with planning and conservation officers and landowners to agree practical solutions. When combined with our ecology services, our groundcare can deliver more by enhancing wildlife habitats and providing tangible benefits beyond energy production.

Panel Cleaning

Depending upon the location and environmental conditions, the frequency of panel cleaning will vary from site to site. It is important to know when panel cleaning will deliver an uplift in productivity to ensure that it is done at the most beneficial time. Silverstone have the ability to accurately determine the uplift that a panel wash will produce and therefore can make quantifiable recommendations. Silverstone provide full panel washing services in a safe and expedient manner, that provide tangible benefits in productivity.

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