Engineering Expertise

At Silverstone the recruitment and retention of highly skilled and competent staff is key to everything that we do.
The continued professional development of our staff is crucial in maintaining a dynamic workforce, in a quickly developing market.

This is achieved through regular and monitored training programs, tailored to individual competencies, the obtaining of external qualifications, where appropriate, and continued coaching and support within the teams.

This ensures that we have the right people, suitably qualified, and experienced, performing tasks to the highest standard, supported by the wealth of knowledge and experience of the whole team.

operations and maintainence

Relationship Management and Communication

Open honest communication with our customers and suppliers is key to an productive working partnership. A clear understanding of the needs and objectives of each individual customer allows Silverstone to provide tailored information to suit each unique customer’s requirements.

Silverstone focus on finding a solution to a problem, before analysing and deducing the underlying cause. Once the plant is fully productive again, we can then devote the time required to fully understand how to avoid such issues in the future.
All of this is achieved through regular effective communication, either by email, telephone or face-to-face meetings in the UK and abroad.

Optimisation of Existing Assets

Often, intelligent changes to small matters following construction can improve the productivity of a plant. By reducing parasitic losses or improving inverter start times, we can improve productivity, and with the proactive management of other electrical apparatus, we can reduce down time due to failure.

The experience that Silverstone have, over a wide range of plants, designs and apparatus mean that good ideas and knowledge of modes of failure can be transferred from one plant to another to improve productivity.

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