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Tesla Powerwall

Tesla announced the release of the Powerwall, a home battery which could see homes and businesses go ‘off-grid’. They announced the new battery technology with a beautiful presentation powered totally by Powerwalls. The home battery is charged via your solar panels and will be able to power your home in the evening, and could also provide you with electricity during a power cut.

Your home uses more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day, meaning the electricity your system produces isn’t available when you need it. With the Powerwall the energy is stored, meaning the electricity your system produces in the day, can be stored and used in the evenings, nights or mornings.


Having a Powerwall can help you avoid paying the peak rates utility companies charge for when demand is high, for instance, during the evening when more people are using electricity. At the moment when there is a power cut to the national grid your Solar PV system cannot operate, with the Powerwall you can store you energy giving you peace of mind.

The new Powerwalls are beautifully designed, as we all would expect from Tesla, they come in 10kWh weekly cycle and 7kWh daily cycle modes. They come with a hefty 10 year warranty period and are sufficient enough to power most homes during peak periods. There is also an option to install multiple batteries in your home up to 90kWh which means you could start seeing homes become totally self-sufficient!

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