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Operations and Maintenance

Solar Farms have a long lifespan, however regular maintenance and testing is essential to ensure that they run smoothly. 

Over the years, unexpected problems and issues can arise, which can result in a steep decrease in a farms efficiency, less energy generated and therefore a loss in revenues.

Here when you need us

Silverstone can provide you with Operations and Maintenance Services on a routine or reactive basis, depending on your requirements. These services aim to reduce the likelihood of problems and obstacles arising in the short term to ultimately increase your farms performance in the long term.

Maximise the value of your investment

If your solar farm is running at its maximum capacity, then it’s producing the maximum amount of power it possibly can for every ray of sunshine. Our effective operations and maintenance reduces the risk of unplanned outages and ensures that the park is running optimally.

You’re safe in our hands

Our wealth of experience allows us to quickly and efficiently repair unexpected problems or prevent future ones through thorough inspection, testing and maintenance of your solar farm.

From lawnmowers to thermal imaging cameras, we have the specialist equipment that is needed to maintain your farm to the highest standard possible.

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