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Solar Farm Diagnostics

Get more from your investment

Whether your farm is struggling to meet its Performance Ratio (PR), or it could simply be working harder, we can make your site better.

Our massive experience in managing solar PV means has given us a range of tricks up our sleeves to improve your Performance Ratio and ultimately your return on capital investment.

Diagnosing your inefficiencies

Photograph of solar farmOur expert electrical engineers use a range of diagnostic tools to test and troubleshoot solar farms. Sometimes a little extra help can be required to quickly work through snags, so we provide fast, intelligent and methodical staff to get issues resolved quickly.

Using all the experiences we’ve gathered across a wide range of solar farms, we can identify any areas within your solar farm where your performance may be being jeopardised.

Solar farms can lose efficiency just through the process of generating power, so if you think your farm could be performing better, Silverstone could identify areas which could ultimately save you money.

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