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Solar Farm Services

As more solar farms are built around the UK and solar power becomes a more important component of our energy mix, ensuring they are supported and maintained to perform at optimum efficiency is critical.

Building and maintaining a solar farm is a complex process involving a large number of parties each with specific expertise.

Silverstone’s expertise in solar energy and high voltage works make them ideal to provide support to solar farms through the build and commissioning phase, and to provide operations and maintenance services after handover – ensuring your investment delivers at maximum potential.

Experience and Expertise

At Silverstone the recruitment and retention of highly skilled and competent staff is key to everything that we do.

The continued professional development of our staff is crucial in maintaining a dynamic workforce, in a quickly developing market. This is achieved through regular and monitored training programmes, tailored to individual competencies, the obtaining of external qualifications, where appropriate, and continued coaching and support within the teams.

The ensues that we have the right people, suitably qualified, and experienced, performing tasks to the highest standard, supported by the wealth of knowledge and experience of the whole team.

A Selection of Solar Farms we Operate and Maintain

Operations & Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, a solar farm can quickly reduce in efficiency. Small problems such as overgrown hedges and dark-painted generating rooms can combine to drastically reduce the amount of power a solar farm is capable of producing.

Silverstone provide O & M services to solar farms on both a routine or ad-hoc basis to maintain and make small changes that can make all the difference to the parks performance levels and delivering a higher return on investment.

Photograph of solar farmDiagnosing your inefficiencies

Is your solar farm working to its maximum capacity? Could areas that haven’t even been considered be drastically reducing your site’s efficiency?

This is where we excel. Our engineers’  expertise in solar power means Silverstone is uniquely placed to identify and solve performance issues with solar farm sites.

Our diagnostic service evaluates your site’s performance to find areas where the farm could be working harder for you. What might only be a few points on its performance ratio, can lead to a big difference to your bottom line. Find out more.

Supporting your Wind Farms

Our teams qualifications and experience mean we’re equally capable at providing High Voltage support for Wind Farms as well as Solar Farms. We understand that the same stringent processes and operations need to be conducted in both Solar and Wind farms, so we strive to make your farm as efficient and enhanced as possible.

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