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New life on Bournemouth Solar farm..

We have welcomed some new, very adorable members to the Silverstone family this month, down on the site we maintain in Bournemouth.

A pair of Little Ringed Plover have been nesting on a gravel patch in the compound for a while.

LRPeggs  LRP3

Finally last week, under the watchful eye of local wildlife enthusiast Bagsy, the four chicks have hatched and are enjoying the freedom the undisturbed solar compound allows.

Little Ringed Plover & Chicks  (46)

Additionally there is a small herd of Roe deer inhabiting one of the compounds, and this new born fawn has arrived.

Roe Deer (fawn)  (3) Roe Deer (fawn) 2

Joining this young Canada goose gosling that has been found around the site with the rest of it’s gaggle.

Canada Goose Gosling  (4)

These newborns are lucky to have our site manager as well as the dedicated Bagsy keeping a keen eye out for them, who we would like to thank for the photos.

To find out more as things progress take a look at his blog.. Bagsy-TheCaptainsLog


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