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Feed-In-Tariff Cuts

Local Solar Industry Warns of Cuts to the Solar Subsidy



As some homeowners in West Wales are finding out, the Government is proposing huge and dramatic cuts to the subsidies given to homeowners installing solar panel systems. Although the subsidies (known as the Feed-in-Tariff) have been reducing steadily over time in recent years the proposed cut to around 1.6p per unit is a drop of around 87 per cent on the current level. This means that homeowners looking to invest in a solar panel system will be losing out on thousands of pounds of renewable energy payments over the life of their system.

Local installers of pv systems, such as Narberth based Silverstone Green Energy, are doing what they can to let people know about the impact of the cut in subsidy and what they can do about it. Nigel Thompson from Silverstone said: “The important message for anyone who is considering a solar panel system to ‘act now’. Unfortunately because of the inevitable rush that the proposed deadline is causing, installers will be very busy over the next few months and, inevitably, there will be those who will unfortunately not be able to have their systems in time to keep the current subsidies.”

The company says that this is a situation that is affecting the whole industry with a demand increasing on a daily basis. “We’re getting enquiries from far and wide at the moment but we obviously want to meet local demand. So we’ve set up a ‘priority booking system’ for our local West Wales customers to make sure they get their installations completed on time.” The solar industry is concerned about the impact that such severe cuts to household subsidies will have on the future of many installers and suppliers. The Solar Trade Association has recently expressed concern that smaller; local installers may not be able to survive such a dramatic change in demand.

Nigel continued: “It is a definite concern, especially for customers who want to make sure that any issues or problems can be resolved by the original installer. At Silverstone, we’re fortunate that we’re one of the biggest Solar Farm maintenance specialists in the UK so we have a very large business there which will sustain us over the long term. This will mean that we’re able to service and maintain our customers for many years to come. Our concern is that this will affect many of the smaller operators when it comes to next year and beyond.”

For more information on the proposed cuts to the Feed-in-Tariff or it’s affects on domestic solar panel systems you can contact the Silverstone team on 01834 888330 or visit the Tariff Cuts page here.

Source: Western Telegraph Newspaper

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