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A 4kWp Solar Panel Installation in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

A recent 4kWp installation on a detached bungalow situated in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Mr Jenkins was very keen on having a Solar Panel installation due to its efficiency, financial return over the 20 years and the benefit of free hot water with an Immersun installation.  However Mrs Jenkins was not so keen. Having had a recommendation from their friends and a fellow customer Mrs Jenkins trusted her husbands opinion and approved the installation, requesting black edged panels, for aesthetical reasons.  

Mr & Mrs Jenkins

Having met Mr & Mrs Jenkins after the install, Mrs Jenkins couldn’t recommend the system highly enough, and admitted that “to be honest, I don’t notice that the panels are there.  Even though we drive past them everyday”  The addition of having an Immersun installed has been the ” Cherry on the Cake” as far as Mrs Jenkins is concerned, “That’s my favourite part, I can do all my washing, shower etc and it’s not costing me a penny, in fact I’m being paid for it!”. They have more hot water than ever before and its all from the Solar panels as well as generating electricity.  

Mr & Mrs Jenkins made an informed choice and decided on the panels, inverter and Immersun below;

Solar Panels LogoMake and Model of Solar Panels

16 x Sunmodule 250 All Black

Water Heater LogoMake and Model of Water Heater


Inverter LogoMake and Model of Inverter

SMA SB 3600TL Inverter

 Another Happy Silverstone customer;

A very competent and professional team who were spot on. Our favourite thing is all the free hot water.”

Mr & Mrs Jenkins

Mr & Mrs Jenkins

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