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A 4kWp Solar Panel Installation in St Clears, Carmarthenshire

A 4kWp system installed on Mr Green’s garage after a recommendation from his neighbour, Mr Gilbert. Mr and Mrs Green were happy with our install at Mr Gilbert’s house and liked that they could see a finished installation before they even contacted us. Mr Green had his solar panel system split over his garage roof to make the installation inconspicuous. Now he is making full use of his 4kWp system and earning money from every unit of electricity he produces.


Mrs Green made an informed choice and decided on the panels and inverter below;

Solar Panels LogoMake and Model of Solar Panels

16 x REC 260PE

Inverter LogoMake and Model of Inverter

SMA SB 3600TL Inverter

 Another Happy Silverstone customer;

“Silverstone was personally recommended to us and we were able to view the finished result before making initial contact with the company. From the first contact until the final installation, including fitting of the panels, the electrician and the surveyor, all members of staff were extremely professional and courteous. We would certainly recommend Silverstone.”

Mr Green


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