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A 4kWp Solar Panel Installation in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

A lovely installation on the home of Mr Hawkins, who also runs an electric hybrid Mitsubishi. Mr Hawkins was able to benefit from his full 4kWp system by also having an electric car charger, meaning he’s also fuelling his vehicle with electric for free! When Mr Hawkins isn’t filling his car with electric he can use the electricity to power any appliances throughout the day and he even gets paid for the electricity he uses thanks to the Feed-In-Tariff scheme.


Mr Hawkins made an informed choice and decided on the panels and inverter below;

Solar Panels LogoMake and Model of Solar Panels

16 x REC 250PE


Inverter LogoMake and Model of Inverter

SMA SB 3600TL Inverter

 Another Happy Silverstone customer;

“Very professional”

Mr Hawkins, Pembrokeshire


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