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A 4kWp Solar Panel Installation in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

A recent 3.75kWp installation on a detached property at the foot of the Preseli Mountains. Mr Allen was keen to have a Solar Panel system to help reduce his electricity bills, receive the FIT payments as well making his home more energy efficient.  Due to the ongoing development of Mr Allens home it was only possible to fit 15 panels split over a south and south west facing roof.  Once Mr Allens building projects have been completed, and his roof space extended an additional panel will be added to take his installation to 4kWp.

Mr Allen Solar PV

Mr Allen made an informed choice and decided on the panels and inverter below;

Solar Panels LogoMake and Model of Solar Panels

16 x REC 250PE

Inverter LogoMake and Model of Inverter

SMA SB 3600TL Inverter

 Another Happy Silverstone customer;

“Every member of the team were fully committed to ensuring that we had the best possible installation experience

Mr Allen

Mr Allen

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