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Monitoring and Reporting

monitoring and reporting solar farmIn order to manage a portfolio, an asset manager needs to be certain that each individual solar farm is performing at its peak operating capacity at all times by proactive monitoring.

The Silverstone Control Room can monitor plants during daylight hours, investigating anomalies and raising job tickets as required. With performance reviews, as well as detailed reporting, our monitoring function ensures that plants under our stewardship are kept in peak operating condition. Rest assured that a one page summary report can be drilled down to the finest detail if required.

Our Control Room manages job tickets, allocates resources, and communicates with stake holders to ensure that interruptions are kept to a minimum, faults are cleared quickly and stake holders are fully informed. Our Control Room also manages warranty claims with manufacturers and sub contractors, coordinating the management of spare parts, as well as providing recommendations to further enhance performance and availability.

To find out more about our processes and how we make sure all out work is carried out safely, just call us on 01834 747332 or fill in this form.


The requirements for book-keeping vary from country to country, for the UK market Silverstone have the skills and expertise to manage the SPV for the solar farm.

From Landowner liaison and payment, through claiming government subsidies, to O&M contracts, ad-hoc payments and warranty claims, Silverstone can perform as much or as little of the SPV management as is required. Some countries have onerous statutory requirements, and we are fully versed and will be fully compliant with these for the UK.

All of this work is overseen by our in-house chartered accountant.