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Health & Safety and Quality Systems

Practical and Demonstrable Health and Safety

Photograph of engineers on solar panelsThe safety of our staff, our customers and the public is our first priority. We frequently work with the most dangerous forms of electricity, and at height – as such our systems are well designed, well implemented and well audited.

This is especially important as legally, responsibility for Health & Safety sits with our customers.

By contracting work to Silverstone Green Energy, our customers can demonstrate that they have contracted with a competent organisation and thus the liability moves to us.

Obsessive about quality

We deliver quality in three ways. Firstly through organised work, the second is through skilled and capable staff and the third is through the selection of quality components.

operations and maintainence

Solar farms are very dangerous places, even more so when a fault has occurred. As a result it is critical that practical, safe systems of work are followed at all times. If the system is not practical then it will be quickly overlooked, and a safe system of work simply does not exist if it cannot be demonstrated in a court of law should the need arise.

Silverstone pride themselves upon practical and dynamic systems of work in which everybody is engaged. From site inductions for Shepherds through to HV control engineers, our systems not only deliver safety, but practical and functional benefits.

When Silverstone take responsibility for a site you can rest assured that external auditors will find safe systems of work of the highest standards.

To find out more about our processes and how we make sure all out work is carried out safely, just call us on 01834 888 330 or fill in this form.